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Morgese Law Firm, Georgia: Attorneys and a Legal Beagle

Morgese Law Firm, Woodstock, 30188 | Find Good Lawyer / Attorney, Best Legal Services, Auto (Speeding, Traffic), Auto (Accidents, Insurance), Criminal Law, Injuries & Accidents, Juveniles, Negligence, Personal Injury, White Collar Crime

Come by and see me!  Call Tuck the Law Dog for an appointment. (My secretary may answer the phone as I am usually in consultation).  Dog Law.   Tuck is “licensed” in Georgia.   Please keep your dogs in an enclosure-for their safety and to avoid possible injuries to my dog friends and financial harm to pet parents pocket-books (dog leash ordiance violations can be costly–and so can a lawsuit to defend a dog bite.)

Take care my friends.

Tuck the Law Dog



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Boggs Mountain Humane Society Killing Dogs-Part Two

Supposed no-kill animal shelter euthanizes pets – Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5.

Randy Travis, Atlanta Fox 5 TV, I-Team, has done a update to his report on the Boggs Mountain Humane Society Shelter–including the Drector  taking $500.00 from a man to place his dog in the Lucky Dog program, and then putting the dog down and informing him that his dog had been adopted out.  See the video at Fox 5 Atlanta.   There is a list of board of directors  and the veterinarians who assist at this shelter (not sure how current their web page is) on the Boggs Mountain Humane Society web pages:  Let them know how you feel.  As of this morning, Fox 5 reports the the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has now opened a file and looking into this, stating that they are looking into “Theft by Deception” and, “Animal Cruelty.”  Who else knew about the killing of these dogs–there has to be more people involved than this employee and the Director Peanut???


Again, thank you Randy Travis, Fox 5 Atlanta I-Team for exposing this tragedy.

Tuck the Law Dog



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Recalls, Market Withdrawals, & Safety Alerts

Recalls, Market Withdrawals, & Safety Alerts.

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Dog & Pet Food: Health Safety Recall Warnings

It’s time to buy a new bag of dog food. Yes, I, Tuck the Law Dog, eat commercial dog food.  However my Mom supplements it with baked chicken, boiled pork, broiled beef,  fresh veggies and fruits, and rice.  Mom was very active in the Pet Food Recall of 2007 (I wasn’t born yet), spending a lot of time on her computer getting the word about about recalled food, opinions on what brands were ok for us to eat, feedback about how manufacturers were responding to the recall, etc.  On Tuesday, Mom “Googled” the brand of dog food (premium, good quality ingredients) she needed to get for me, and lo and behold she found numerous  and recent (January 2012) complaints about a recent “Lot” of this food  at www.consumeraffairs.com.  She then spent hours researching other dog foods, settling on two that received “5” stars by  www.dogfoodadvisor.com, as well as good reviews by other users.  Mom does rotate my  dog food thru 3 different types  to make sure that I am getting all my needed nutrients.  Anyway, I’m not here to recommend any brand or tell y’all what to eat. I just want to warn you of the importance of always checking for recalls, opinons and reviews  on dog food because you never know when an issue will arise.  Do NOT depend on the manufacturer to post a warning on their website.  Usually it is other consumers on the numerous websites concerning dogs, cats, etc., who get the word out about pet foods causing sickness and medical issues.   Mom likes these sites:  www.itchmoforums.com, www.petsitusa.comwww.zootoo.com, and FDA’s website. Also read the user reviews on the websites that sell dog food.  Let’s keep each other informed.
Healthy Eating my friends,

Tuck the Law Dog



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I am Thankful that my Mom and Dad adopted me from the Shelter.
I am thankful that there are no-kill shelters for dogs and cats.
I am thankful for all the nice people that come to our law office every day and let me sit on their lap.
I am thankful and grateful that I have food and a warm place to live.
I am thankful for my grandma, aunts, uncles and cousins.
I am thankful for the champions of animal rights.

I am thankful that I have no fleas.

Happy Thanksgiving, ya’ll,

Tuck the Law Dog
 Morgese Law Firm

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Another Animal Cruelty Case Norwalk OH, Huron Co.

Excerpts from Article from the “Norwalk Reflector”:Dog beaten to death; 2 teens charged

1. Cary Ashby , 10:48 PM, Aug 29, 2011

Kane M. Ortman, 19, of 3702 DeRussey Road, Collins, and Aaron M. Friel, 18, of South Amherst, are charged with animal cruelty in connection with an incident between Aug. 16 and 17. “Rocky was the name of the dog. … Rocky was about 2 years old,” Norwalk Assistant Law Director T. Douglas Clifford said. “I believe he was full grown.” Clifford filed the first-degree misdemeanors against each suspect Thursday in Norwalk Municipal Court on behalf of the Huron County Dog Warden’s Office, which is handling the investigation. An area woman left Rocky temporarily with Ortman because she had to move, Clifford said. “Kane was going to keep the dog for a little while and someone was going to take ownership of it (later),” he explained. Clifford said the investigation indicates that Ortman had Rocky anywhere from one day to one week before he and Friel reportedly beat the dog to death with a shovel. When asked about a motive for killing the dog, Clifford said the investigation indicates one of the suspects said one of them was abusing Mucus Relief PM. “The story is they were abusing substances. The original allegations were cocaine, but a person in the know said it was cough syrup,” Clifford said. Clifford was asked about Friel’s involvement. “He was at Kane’s residence when it happened,” the prosecutor said. The dog originally was buried on Ortman’s property. The animal cruelty charge isn’t Ortman’s first brush with the law. He faced two counts of possession of drugs stemming from a July 10, 2010 incident investigated by the Wakeman Police Department. Municipal court records further show there were two similar charges filed in connection with an Oct. 6, 2010 offense also handled by Wakeman police. In May, Ortman was sentenced to two years of probation and ordered to perform 20 hours of community service for a theft conviction for a May 8 incident at Walmart. The animal cruelty charge is the only criminal charge listed for Friel in Norwalk Municipal Court. Ortman and Friel each face up to six months in the Huron County Jail and a maximum fine of $1,000.

***Tuck’s NOTE: The court website and other news stories indicate Friel turned himself in and has a court date in September. *** Neither has yet been convicted of any crime for the killing of Rocky.

Voice your opinion to the Prosecutor that brought the charges: asstlawdir@accnorwalk.com

Rocky, may you be over the Rainbow Bridge and be happy, safe and free from cruel people!

Tuck the Law Dog

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As reported in the local news: On July 1, 2011, eleven people (two of which were reported to be the dogs owners)  from Cherokee County and nearby counties had to undergo treatment for exposure to rabies.  Why???  The dogs owners failed to vaccinate their dog against rabies.  Apparently the dog bit its two owners, which then exposed the 9 other people that were at the home to include the dog owner’s children and out of county visitors.  This dog died a horrible death suffering from rabies.  This dog is reported to have also bitten a pig, which then had to be euthanized.  Tuck’s reader’s know that Tuck is against over vaccinating dogs–but that he strongly supports getting dogs vaccinated for rabies.   Rabies vaccinations are sponsored in Cherokee County at Pet Stores, private pet foundations and organizations, and at county supported events, often for a minimal fee usually averaging $7 to $10 dollars.  Events are even offered whereby neither you nor your dog have to get out of your car, you just “drive thru” and your pet can be vaccinated at this minimal cost.  Tuck understands that there are families that cannot afford to pay for a vet visit and a vaccination, which normally runs about $75 – $80 dollars.  However, if you can afford a cell phone or cable TV, then there is no reason you cannot pay $7 to $10 for a rabies vaccine!  If not, then you should not take on the responsibility of bringing a dog into your life.    This failure to expend $7 – $10 has resulted in pain and suffering for this dog, loss of life for this dog and the pig, and pain and suffering and probably extensive medical bills for this family and their friends for  undergoing rabies treatment.  Please make sure your dog has a rabies vaccine.  If you are as concerned as Tuck is about over-vaccinating, you can ask your vet for a Titer test, keeping in mind that Georgia Law requires a rabies vaccine at least every three years.

Take Care, Ya’ll,

Tuck the Law Dog


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It’s been in the 90’s here in the south for the past few days.  So once again, it’s time for that annual warning to not leave your dog (or any other animal) in a parked car, even with the windows cracked open.  Even when the temperature is hovering around 80 degrees, a vehicle’s inside temperature can rise to 120 degrees in a few minutes.  You humans know that in warm weather it can get very hot and stuffy in a parked car even with all the windows rolled down!  Dogs are susceptible to heat stroke, and heat stroke can lead to brain damage and death.   Make sure your dog has lots of fresh water during the summer.   Keep my buddies out of the sun when it is especially hot.  Dogs can get sunburned, too.    Ask your vet about what kind of sunblock or lotion can be used on a dog’s nose and ears.  And remember, the pavement can get very, very hot, which can burn the pads of a dogs foot.  So be careful.  My Mom feels the pavement with her hands, and if it feels too hot, she carries me (that doesn’t work with you big dogs) or we take a different route, or try to walk on the grass.  Avoid too much exercise in the hot weather.  If you go for walks, bring a small water bottle with you.  My Mom carries
small bottles of water, a bowl, and a dropper everywhere we go.  Be every mindful that intentionally leaving a dog in a parked car in the hot weather resulting in a significant rise in the vehicles interior temperature such that physical damage or death is caused to the dog, can be result in the owner or whoever caused the situation, to be arrested and convicted for animal cruelty.  Take care of my buddies, and have a safe and fun summer, ya’ll.

Tuck The Law Dog
Georgia Law (Dog)


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Dogs, Pools and Frogs

Dogs, Pools and Frogs.

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Dogs Baths and Safe Dog Shampoos

Dogs Baths and Safe Dog Shampoos.

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