Are Dogs Being Over Vaccinated?

Rabies vaccinations are required in most states, if not all-I admit I haven’t checked every state’s laws. Georgia requires dogs to obtain a rabies vaccination at least every three years. I have mine. I got the three year vaccine. The Vet gave me a little gold rabies “tag.” Mom believes dog vaccines should be administered as minimally as possible. Vaccines can had adverse side effects. There is a growing movement to allow a “titer” test to determine if the antibodies remain in a dogs system, such that the dog is still protected by the vaccine and thus does not require another rabies vaccination. Most states will not accept a “waiver” indicating that the titer test was done and the antibodies are present. is one organization that advocates that rabies vaccinations can last from 5-7 years, and thus more often are not necessary. There are also studies that indicate other dog vaccinations may not be as necessary as previously believed. Don’t misunderstand me–rabies is a very serious and deadly condition. There have been reported cases of rabies where I live, usually found in a fox or raccoon. I just wanted my dog friends to become more aware of the growing case studies that indicate dogs (and cats, too) may be being subjected to unecessary immunizations. Google the words: rabies vaccinations dogs studies titer. There are numerous articles being written discussing recent studies that have been carried out as to how long vaccine antibodies stay in a dogs system. Check out other dog blogs, dog forums, pet message boards. Get educated.
Don’t be afraid to question your veterinarian about this subject. A good vet will be happy to discuss the pros and cons of rabies vaccinations and other immunizations. Speak up for us dogs. Know your states laws on rabies vaccinations as your dog might only need one every 3-4 years. All this said, still obey the law of your state–but push for reform. And continue to get those yearly exams– ’cause after the exam is over, I usually get a new toy!

Take care, ya’ll,

Tuck the Law Dog

***Tuck offers no medical or legal advice but encourages you to get educated on this subject by researching these issues and talking to your Vet as to what is best for your dog or cat.


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