Tuck the Law Dog

The hot weather is here. It’s almost 90 degrees. We hadn’t yet turned on the A/C yesterday at the office because the heat snuck up on us–one minute the furnace is on, the next it’s stifling. I didn’t have much of an appetite yesterday. Mom was worried because I didn’t want to eat, and I pretty much just sprawled on the couch and looked unhappy. By about 2:30, Mom decided to take me home and see if I felt better. It was cooler at home. Mom made me something to eat–roast chicken-which I didn’t have any interest in. I could see she was really worried. She told me about how Squeaky the cat got sick with CRF and she had to feed him and give him water with a syringe and she didn’t want me to have to go through that or to get dehydrated, so I better eat or at least take in some fluids. She gave me some water via a dropper. I knew she wasn’t going to let me be, so I decided to eat. I was hungry by then and it was late afternoon, and I really luv roast chicken made especially for me with no seasonings, and the skin removed. Mom said maybe I am part Lion, and when it is hot, I prefer to lie around until closer to evening when it cools down and I feel like eating. Last evening, I played outside and had a good dinner. I dragged out all my favorite toys and squeaked them incessantly necessitating the TV being turned up louder so Mom and Dad could hear the final episode of Stargate Universe. They never yell at me for constantly squeaking my toys–they are just glad that I am a happy dog. I was still squeaking at 11:00PM. When I came into the office this morning, the A/C was on. I ate breakfast. I played with my toys, I had lunch. I went for walks and barked at squirrels. I even saw a box turtle trying to cross the road. Mom picked it up and carried it to safety just as a big garbage truck was barreling down the street. When Dad came back to the office this afternoon, I overheard Mom tell him that she wasn’t sure if the heat got to me yesterday, or if I just acted sick so that she would take me home where I could play with my toys and run around the yard looking for lizards and frogs (Mom keeps a close watch and makes sure I don’t try to grab one.) Maybe some days I am part Lion and prefer to lie around when it’s hot and then “graze” in the evening. But between you and me, I just wanted to go home from work early! Reminder!! Now that the hot weather is here: please, please don’t leave your dogs in the car, even with the windows cracked open. The temperature can rise quickly inside the car and its very deadly to any dog or any person inside. Don’t leave your dogs without water or fresh air, either. The temperature inside your house can get very warm as well without an open window, a rotating fan, or A/C.
Have a great summer!

Take care, ya’ll,



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