Hump Day–It’s not Just for Dogs!

Ok, I may be a dog, but that’s not what I mean–shame on ya’ll. It’s Wednesday (hump day) and only two more work days–maybe. Mom and Dad work a lot of Saturdays, and, Sundays as well, especially when they are getting ready for a trial. Since I rose to the title of Legal Beagle, I have had the exhausting experience of working many, many nights and weekends. I have logged in many dog hours at the law office, sprawled out on my Dad’s couch, dreaming about squirrels, and hoping we could go home soon. His office is usually a pretty good place to relax. Sometimes, tho when everyone is working late, and time is getter near to trial, the environment can get very boisterous. Law books, police reports, lab reports, photos, records, etc., are repeatedly read and examined, notes are outlined, statements are picked apart. To the outsider, it might appear that my Mom and Dad do not agree on the issues or procedural tactics, because Mom usually plays “Devil’s Advocate” as a means to of examining both the prosecutors and our defense arguments.
Those occasions tho when we are all working late, I get to have pizza. Today, Mom and Dad were reviewing a “habeas corpus” petition, and, thus, that will be my legal term of the day. A “habeas corpus” petition is a civil writ that is usually filed by an incarcerated person (a person restrained of his liberty). The person is asking the court to inquire into the legality of his restraint by reviewing their sentence and conviction. The term is Latin and basically is translated to mean bring the body before the court.
Well, ya’ll, it’s late, and I must send this off.
Take care, ya’ll,

Tuck the Law Dog

***Tuck offers this article for informative purposes only and it is not intended as nor should be taken as legal advice.


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