COBB COUNTY, Ga. — After miraculously surviving being stuffed in a burning oven, Melody, a 20-month-old pit bull mix puppy, is recovering smoothly. Gary Moore Jr., 25, of Cobb County, was charged with felony animal cruelty under a new statute in connection with the incident. Moore appeared in court and asked that his bond be reduced so he could be released from jail. Detective Steve Nolan testified in court that Moore confessed to putting Melody in a hot oven, saying the puppy had reminded him of an estranged boyfriend. “Their relationship was not going forward and at that point he grabbed the dog, placed it in the oven, closed the door and held the oven door shut for a period of a few seconds.”
Moore told the detective he released Melody when she began howling, but did not seek medical treatment for her. His roommate took her in four days later. Judge Frank Cox granted Moore a lower bond under the condition that he move in with his mother, and not live near any animals. So Moore got his bond lowered and bonded out.
If I, Tuck The Law Dog, was the Judge, I never would have lowered Moore’s bond–he doesn’t deserve freedom–he deserves to be put in a hot oven, let out, and refused medical treatment! Please, please email the District Attorney, Cobb County, Georgia; the Solicitor General of Cobb County, Georgia, letting them know you are keeping an eye on this case and to make sure this 25-year old poor excuse for a human being, if found guilty, gets the maximum punishment.
I feel so much pain and hurt for little Melody–I wish you a speedy recovery, my friend.
**Moore has not been found guilty nor convicted of any crime at this time, and has only been charged.

Tuck the Law Dog

Email your support for Melody to:


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