While doing some research to, I came across a story (albeit over a year old) about a dog that allegedly had been let out for his usual evening run. According to the story, the dog apparently ran into the street, was struck by a motor vehicle, and died at the scene. The dog’s family was upset that the driver’s motor vehicle insurer wanted them to pay for the damage to the driver’s car (the driver was not cited, as it was dark and the dog had darted out and the driver could not avoid the accident). The dog’s family believe that the insurer was being unsympathetic and callous, and without a heart. The “comments” from reader’s to this story were divided between their support for the family vs. the insurer. One person described the insurer as being at fault for being a “big corporation” and how dare this “big corporation” come after this family in its time of grief. Practicing “plaintiff’s personal injury” I am often at odds with insurance companies. However, I find myself siding with this insurance company. The dog was allowed to run, at night, unleashed. It is not unexpected that a dog (even myself) or a child will run out into the street without looking (I tend to get distracted when I see a squirrel-and thus, on my walks find myself tied to my Mom). Parents and pet parents have a moral, ethical and legal duty to insure the safety of their pets and children, and can and must be held accountable for damages the children or pets cause. I feel the anguish this dog’s family must have felt–but I feel a much, much greater sorrow for the dead dog lying in the street, a beautiful dog who would still be alive but for the lack of a leash. Obey your local ordinances and keep your dog leashed.

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