Dog & Pet Food: Health Safety Recall Warnings

It’s time to buy a new bag of dog food. Yes, I, Tuck the Law Dog, eat commercial dog food.  However my Mom supplements it with baked chicken, boiled pork, broiled beef,  fresh veggies and fruits, and rice.  Mom was very active in the Pet Food Recall of 2007 (I wasn’t born yet), spending a lot of time on her computer getting the word about about recalled food, opinions on what brands were ok for us to eat, feedback about how manufacturers were responding to the recall, etc.  On Tuesday, Mom “Googled” the brand of dog food (premium, good quality ingredients) she needed to get for me, and lo and behold she found numerous  and recent (January 2012) complaints about a recent “Lot” of this food  at  She then spent hours researching other dog foods, settling on two that received “5” stars by, as well as good reviews by other users.  Mom does rotate my  dog food thru 3 different types  to make sure that I am getting all my needed nutrients.  Anyway, I’m not here to recommend any brand or tell y’all what to eat. I just want to warn you of the importance of always checking for recalls, opinons and reviews  on dog food because you never know when an issue will arise.  Do NOT depend on the manufacturer to post a warning on their website.  Usually it is other consumers on the numerous websites concerning dogs, cats, etc., who get the word out about pet foods causing sickness and medical issues.   Mom likes these sites:,, and FDA’s website. Also read the user reviews on the websites that sell dog food.  Let’s keep each other informed.
Healthy Eating my friends,

Tuck the Law Dog



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3 responses to “Dog & Pet Food: Health Safety Recall Warnings

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  2. ilovecats

    Are you sure you want to recommend a social media site where animal lovers are routinely kicked in the teeth and run off the forum by members of a small clique whenever the mood strikes them? (Which is frequently.)

    Do you think this is healthy for people or the animals they are striving to care for?;msg227167#msg227167
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    Re: Bella, Bisi and Beau
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    It has finally happened. With the new tax increases I will have to shut my home internet off. I will still be popping on at work, and hopefully remember to take my pictures with me, but I won’t be able to communicate from home any longer. Sad
    I will miss being on in the evening.
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    Re: Bella, Bisi and Beau
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    I’m sorry for your situation, but please leave the politics out of the forum…

  3. Kasi Heady

    there are a few issues you ought to consider once you walk down the pet food aisles at your local retailer. Consider the cost of the dry pet food. Often, dry commercial dog food that are cheap or are certainly not branded are produced with components like fillers and also seasonings which aren’t necessarily great for dogs. These ingredient could possibly be tasty, nonetheless they is usually harmful to your pet dog.


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