I love to ride in the car!  I’m a dog.  It’s usually a fun trip, except for those occasions when other driver’s  don’t know or don’t care about the rules of the road in Georgia.  In my previous  blog, I discussed “Left-Lane Drivers.”  A recent ride to the office on a very rainy and somewhat foggy day, which necessitated my  being reluctantly stuffed into a yellow-slicker rain coat, was filled with constant discussion about other drivers not having their headlights on.  My Mom tallied the number of  vehicles she observed in about three minutes  that did not have their headlights on.  Twenty-two cars!  Comparing this to the number of cars on the road at the time–this was a high percentage!   Georgia Law, O.C.G.A. 40-8-20  states in part:” every vehicle upon a roadway within this state at anytime when it is raining in the driving zone and at any other time when there is not sufficient visibility to render clearly discernible persons and vehicles on the highway at a distance of 500 feet ahead shall display lights and headlights….”  Simple put turn your headlights on when it is raining–even if your state does not have a law for this.   You might save a dog’s life. (like mine).  Drive safely, my friends.
Take care y’all,
Tuck the Law Dog
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  1. John

    Does anyone in Georgia actually know about this law? Do the police know about this law? They’re out during dry weather catching speeders but are staying dry in their cars when it’s raining. Moreover, I’ve seen POLICE without their headlights on. Frankly, I think every city-owned vehicle should be outfitted with 24/7 headlights. No turning them off. Every police car, garbage truck, road repair vehicle etc.

    BUT NOT FOG LIGHTS!! Geez! They’re for fog for heaven’s sake. Let’s see a law outlawing fog lights during a clear day or night! Talk about raise revenue. The city/State would make a mint just pulling over those idiots with their fog/landing lights on.

  2. Anonymous

    what happens when you have a car equipped with sensors that turn on lights and they are not on because, it’s not dark enough, or visibility is better than 500 feet, to necessiate coming on and police stop you for not having your headlights on in the rain. are you still guilty of not having your headlights on?

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