Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter Rabun County Georgia Killing Dogs

Investigation exposes humane society ‘Lucky Dog’ program – Atlanta

Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter Investigation Rabun County GA-Killing Dogs!!!

 Fox 5 Atlanta I-Team Randy Travis exposed this–Thank him!

This was claimed to be a no-kill shelter. What these employees have been doing is disgusting and possibly illegal– if so, they should be prosecuted! Taking $100.00 from a donor to save a “Lucky Dog” and then euthenizing these dogs and telling the donors that the dog had been adopted or sent to another shelter!! Watch the Fox 5 Video. The Rabun County Sheriff and the District Attorney should review Georgia Code 16-8-3, “Theft by Deception” and, if applicable to the circumstances, prosecute the offenders.

Voice your outrage:

Rabun County Sheriff
25 Courthouse Square, #3
Clayton, GA
PH (706) 782-3612
Fax: (706) 782-775
Visit their site-they have a direct email. Start emailing!!

Rabun County District Attorney
25 Courthosue Square,
Suite 121
Clayton, GA 30525
(706) 782-4501

Take care,

Tuck the Law Dog



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6 responses to “Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter Rabun County Georgia Killing Dogs

  1. Am posting on my FB fan page. I am freaking outraged at this and ashamed I live in the same state as this piece of crap facility !!!!!!!

  2. Jo Cooper

    I think this is despicable behavior! To take money and lie about what happens to those poor dogs is totally conscionable! Everyone involved in this scam should be prosecuted.

  3. Nona VanDamme

    I am searching for a dog I pledged 300.00 for . He went to boarding facility for 5 days, then to Boggs, I understood he would be transported out of state to another facility for adoption. Been looking on a new FB page for the Missing dogs of Bogg’s; no luck yet. This director and staff are sick, and greedy and should NEVER be allowed to work with pets ever again. This is fraud and they are most likely a 501c3, and should have their status pulled. They have a mission and taking money to then euth. dogs within hour or so is against the mission. I am sure they get grant funds and this agency or the county needs to reimburse the public’s money. I want my funds returned so I can donate it to the investigation so this woman and staff end up in prison. Should be interesting to see WHAT she did with the money. I am still looking for a dog named Boss then renamed Van. Thank you for covering this story and prayers to the animals that passed thru this place and prayers to the volunteers that worked with this facility to help dogs and had NO idea what was going on behind closed doors. Someone had to know besides the director and SHAME on the paid employees who kept silent. WE are the voice for the voiceless little critters. I was sent a picture of Van when he went to the Boarding facility and when he was in the car heading to Bogg’s. Heart breaking to see that happy face and now the waiting to know his fate.

  4. Stacey Mathews

    I am disgusted as well. But I believe that the Board of Directors should be held just as liable for this as the director. They are the ones that hired this sick individual & they are the ones that allowed her to run the shelter……they too should either step down and be held liable for the actions of the director that they hired & stood by to run this facility. SHAME ON THEM !! Rest in peace little ones that were put down because of this disgusting individual. Everyone involved should be proscuted & the one that called the tv station should be promoted to director, since she is the only one that had the animals in her mind & heart….she was the voice for the ones that didn’t have one.

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