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Animal Cruelty bill in legislature – Tucson News Now

Animal cruelty bill in legislature – Tucson News Now.

Another state considering tougher animal cruelty laws! Contact your representatives, people of Arizona, and voice your support!




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 I realize I have not blogged since before the Christmas holidays. That does not mean to say that I have abandoned WordPress.  I remain here, in the background, checking comments that my readers have so gratiously  taken the time to leave for me.  I so appreciate each and every response and suggestion, and compliments from y’all.  Your kind words turn a stressful day into a happy relaxation. And,  I am so honored and grateful for the ever increasing page views.  So many of my readers have such interesting and helpful blogs here on WordPress and on Blogger.  I have been educated on dog health, dog food, animal laws from many countries, animal rights organizations, human health and nutrition, history, travel, and so many other topics from Bloggers. 

      If you are on Twitter or Facebook, I also check my Twitter and Facebook pages daily.   I now have over 500 Twitter followers. I have met so many “anipals” on Twitter and enjoy meeting each and every one.  I don’t just click the “follow” button.  I will check you out, see what interests you, where you are from, and “talk” to you.    I am interested in each and every anipal and their human that follows me, and have enjoyed many a lively discussion with most.

     Thanks to Blogger, WordPress, Twitter and Facebook, I now have friends and anipals from all over the world.  I am learning words from languages other than English with the assistance of Google and Bing Translate, or with Babelfish.  Do you know what BOL or MOL mean?  Why, Bark Out Loud and Meow Out Loud!

       So if you Tweet, give me a shout out at:

       Leave your comments here on WordPress or on Blogger. I will be blogging.

       I enjoy all this social media and am grateful for everyone new friend I have met. 

       And to Archie (Facebook & Twitter) and Austin (Twitter) who have this January 2013, taken the  journey to the Rainbow Bridge, enjoy being healthy and able to run and play like puppies once again, my friends. 

       Take care, y’all.

       Tuck the Law Dog



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Check out this map from the ASPCA to learn which pet stores sell puppy mill dogs. Please do not buy a pet from a puppy mill. Go to your local animal shelter, county or private. No puppy mills. Boycott them. I am a shelter dog.
Take care, y’all,
Tuck the Law Dog
Rescue a Dog. Support Your local shelter.

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Saturday August 4, 2012, Univeter Road, Canton, GA. All pets over 1 year of age.
Free! Adopt a dog or cat. All black kittens too! Cherokee County Animal Shelter.
Tuck the Law Dog

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Dogswell Vitakitty cat treats recalled July 27 2012

Another Friday Follies recall by a pet food company. Why is it they all seem to wait until Friday late afternoon to announce a recall? Stay away from pet treats made in China! Read labels!

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Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter Rabun County Georgia Killing Dogs

Investigation exposes humane society ‘Lucky Dog’ program – Atlanta

Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter Investigation Rabun County GA-Killing Dogs!!!

 Fox 5 Atlanta I-Team Randy Travis exposed this–Thank him!

This was claimed to be a no-kill shelter. What these employees have been doing is disgusting and possibly illegal– if so, they should be prosecuted! Taking $100.00 from a donor to save a “Lucky Dog” and then euthenizing these dogs and telling the donors that the dog had been adopted or sent to another shelter!! Watch the Fox 5 Video. The Rabun County Sheriff and the District Attorney should review Georgia Code 16-8-3, “Theft by Deception” and, if applicable to the circumstances, prosecute the offenders.

Voice your outrage:

Rabun County Sheriff
25 Courthouse Square, #3
Clayton, GA
PH (706) 782-3612
Fax: (706) 782-775
Visit their site-they have a direct email. Start emailing!!

Rabun County District Attorney
25 Courthosue Square,
Suite 121
Clayton, GA 30525
(706) 782-4501

Take care,

Tuck the Law Dog


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Cherokee County Animal Shelter ASPCA Challenge 2012

Follow the link above and vote for the Cherokee County Animal Shelter, in Cherokee County, Georgia!  The facility, staff and volunteers are dedicated to helping homeless dogs and cats (like I was).

Thanks, y’all.

Tuck the Law Dog

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I love to ride in the car!  I’m a dog.  It’s usually a fun trip, except for those occasions when other driver’s  don’t know or don’t care about the rules of the road in Georgia.  In my previous  blog, I discussed “Left-Lane Drivers.”  A recent ride to the office on a very rainy and somewhat foggy day, which necessitated my  being reluctantly stuffed into a yellow-slicker rain coat, was filled with constant discussion about other drivers not having their headlights on.  My Mom tallied the number of  vehicles she observed in about three minutes  that did not have their headlights on.  Twenty-two cars!  Comparing this to the number of cars on the road at the time–this was a high percentage!   Georgia Law, O.C.G.A. 40-8-20  states in part:” every vehicle upon a roadway within this state at anytime when it is raining in the driving zone and at any other time when there is not sufficient visibility to render clearly discernible persons and vehicles on the highway at a distance of 500 feet ahead shall display lights and headlights….”  Simple put turn your headlights on when it is raining–even if your state does not have a law for this.   You might save a dog’s life. (like mine).  Drive safely, my friends.
Take care y’all,
Tuck the Law Dog
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Georgia Traffic Laws: Left Lane Drivers-Move Over!

Georgia Traffic Laws: Left Lane Drivers-Move Over!

I enjoy my daily ride in the car to and from work.  I am content to lie snugly in my crate, which is secured in the back seat with seat belts.  I can snooze or look out the window.  For the most part, these daily rides are uneventful.  The view remains the same, the length of time remains the same, the music remains on an oldies station, usually 106.7, and, my Mom is pointing out yet another thoughtless driver  in the left lane, impeding the flow of traffic, oblivious to other drivers that want to pass.  This thoughtless driver is usually driving at minimum or below the speed limit with their focus of attention directed at the cell phone held up to their ear.  My Mom asks aloud to this oblivious driver, (knowing he or she can’t hear her), “where did you learn to drive?  Move over when someone wants to pass!” Yes, I hear this every day, often several times a day.    The State of Georgia has statutes defining vehicles driving in the left lane, taking into account differing statutes for one-way streets; divided roadways; two, three, and even four or more lane roadways.  Georgia Statute O.C.G.A. 40-6-40, states that vehicles are to drive on the right side of the roadway, with, for example, some exceptions:   Passing; hazards in the right lane necessitating a move to the left lane; roadways that have three lanes.   The two biggest violators we see on a daily basis:   1)  vehicles in the left lane proceeding at less than the normal speed of traffic, and,   2) two vehicles impeding traffic by driving side by side at the same time in adjacent lanes, and there is no third left lane to pass in.  Please, have some consideration for your fellow drivers, get off your phone, wake up, quit putting on your makeup, quit reading your books;  quit assuming that since you have to make a left turn several miles up the road  you must stay in the left lane all the way to your turn!! Move over!
        Another Georgia statute, O.C.G.A. 40-6-42,  concerns passing in general, and states in part: “…. the driver of an overtaken vehicle shall give way to the right in favor of the overtaken vehicle and shall not increase the speed of his vehicle until completely passed by the overtaking vehicle.”   I bet a large majority of you would raise your hands if you ever experienced the driver you were attempting to pass speed up so you could not pass.  How many of you would raise your hands is asked if you yourself were guilty of this very violation?    What is wrong with you people?  You go slow in the right lane until someone starts to pass you–what, you think it’s a race??           It’s a public roadway, and lives are at stake–learn to drive or get off the road.
        The Official Code of Georgia (Georgia’s state laws) is public and freely available for review on the State of Georgia’s government web site, just “Google” to learn more.  Go expand your mind at your local library, or,  on your e-reader.  Stay informed.  Drive Safely.   Be considerate.

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Dekalb Co. GA.-Officer kills pet German shephard

Officer responds to wrong address-kills family pet.

Contact the Dekalb County Georgia police and voice your disgust.  This officer remains on the job.  He is too quick to shoot–who or what is his next victim?

Share this story everywhere.

Rest in peace my furry friend.

Tuck the Law Dog           

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