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Me and my Shadow waiting for Halloween!

image  Have a safe and fun Halloween. I am waiting for the

Great Pumpkin to rise up from the pumpkin patch here in Georgia. Kids, make sure your parents check your candy before you eat or share it.  That goes for dog treats, too!  BOL!



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The Weather in Georgia is finally warming up, so I don’t have to pack my sweater when I go to work. This would be all in good but warm weather brings worries to Mom about mosquitos-those biting annoying nasty creatures that like to give out gifts of heartworm. Mom is always torn, torn between giving me heartworm and flea preventive and the possible health dangers from the products, whether pill or topical. Notice I didn’t include flea collar because that is a big no-no with Mom. As I have posted to y’all before, Mom doesn’t like collars on dogs, only harnesses, and, never, never collars on us little guys. When I was rescued from the Shelter, I had been given a topical flea and heartworm (combined) product. Mom decided to stay with this same product as I never had any adverse reaction to it. And, it works as stated. Mom has asked me to urge my readers to regularly Google the type of flea/heartworm product you are using to see if there are any reports of problems with the medication, with the manufacturer, reports by the FDA, reports of problems by other users, and just to get general user feedback. Mom checks at least every 3 months, and always before getting a refill! When it is time for a refill of your flea or heartworm medication, ask your vet if they have received any negative reviews or warnings from the manufacturer. Google the name of the medication and the words “recall” “opinion” “reviews” “FDA” “adverse”. Mom gives me the heartworm medication because of my long ago brother that did get heartworms and had to undergo treatment. He survived! She did not want any other dog to experience this. So, Mom remains torn between possible unknown health issues from these medications and concern that without them, I could get heartworm. I live in the south, so we have longer warm seasons. Stay safe my friends. Enjoy summer, the outdoors, and the pool, but if the mosquitos are bad, go inside.

http://www.criminallawyercherokeecobb.com (where I work)


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Nigel the Penguin visiting Tuck the Law Dog

Tuck so enjoyed his visit from Nigel. Nigel travels the globe and his Mum posts his adventures on Twitter, tumblr, & Pinterest. Nigel’s Mum took this picture. Note the doggie biscuits in the “candy” dish. Thank you Nigel’s Mum and Nigel the Penguin. Check him out on Twitter Maybe he will come visit you!



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Christmas “Trees For Troops” Organization

Organization helps troops get Christmas trees – Atlanta  | FOX 5.

I may be a dog, but I love Christmas trees and I am so thankful for those who serve our country and protect me and my family.  So when I learned about this organization, I just had to share.    Trees for Troops ships Christmas trees by Fed-Ex all over the country.  What a great program.  To date, over 103,000 trees have been shipped to servicemen and women.   Please get the word out.  Thank you Trees for Troops and Fed-Ex!”

Merry Christmas,

Tuck the Law Dog




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Saturday August 4, 2012, Univeter Road, Canton, GA. All pets over 1 year of age.
Free! Adopt a dog or cat. All black kittens too! Cherokee County Animal Shelter.
Tuck the Law Dog

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Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter Rabun County Georgia Killing Dogs

Investigation exposes humane society ‘Lucky Dog’ program – Atlanta

Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter Investigation Rabun County GA-Killing Dogs!!!


 Fox 5 Atlanta I-Team Randy Travis exposed this–Thank him!

This was claimed to be a no-kill shelter. What these employees have been doing is disgusting and possibly illegal– if so, they should be prosecuted! Taking $100.00 from a donor to save a “Lucky Dog” and then euthenizing these dogs and telling the donors that the dog had been adopted or sent to another shelter!! Watch the Fox 5 Video. The Rabun County Sheriff and the District Attorney should review Georgia Code 16-8-3, “Theft by Deception” and, if applicable to the circumstances, prosecute the offenders.

Voice your outrage:

Rabun County Sheriff
25 Courthouse Square, #3
Clayton, GA
PH (706) 782-3612
Fax: (706) 782-775
Visit their site-they have a direct email. Start emailing!!

Rabun County District Attorney
25 Courthosue Square,
Suite 121
Clayton, GA 30525
(706) 782-4501

Take care,

Tuck the Law Dog


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High-tech solution to dog poop – is Atlanta & Georgia Next?n l

High-tech solution to dog poop coming to Israel.

Just wanted to share this article.  It appears the “Pooper Snoopers” are going high tech with DNA.  Make sure to pick up that dog poop.   Biodegradable dog poop bags are a lot cheaper than paying a fine.

Watch out, Atlanta, Georgia, Cobb County, Cherokee County, Woodstock, Marietta, or Canton —a Pooper Snooper may be coming  to your location!!!   Check your city ordinances.   Know the law.  Just do what is right by picking up after your dogs  and ya won’t have to worry (I hope).

Take care, y’all,

Tuck the Law Dog



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Georgia Traffic Laws: Left Lane Drivers-Move Over!

Georgia Traffic Laws: Left Lane Drivers-Move Over!

I enjoy my daily ride in the car to and from work.  I am content to lie snugly in my crate, which is secured in the back seat with seat belts.  I can snooze or look out the window.  For the most part, these daily rides are uneventful.  The view remains the same, the length of time remains the same, the music remains on an oldies station, usually 106.7, and, my Mom is pointing out yet another thoughtless driver  in the left lane, impeding the flow of traffic, oblivious to other drivers that want to pass.  This thoughtless driver is usually driving at minimum or below the speed limit with their focus of attention directed at the cell phone held up to their ear.  My Mom asks aloud to this oblivious driver, (knowing he or she can’t hear her), “where did you learn to drive?  Move over when someone wants to pass!” Yes, I hear this every day, often several times a day.    The State of Georgia has statutes defining vehicles driving in the left lane, taking into account differing statutes for one-way streets; divided roadways; two, three, and even four or more lane roadways.  Georgia Statute O.C.G.A. 40-6-40, states that vehicles are to drive on the right side of the roadway, with, for example, some exceptions:   Passing; hazards in the right lane necessitating a move to the left lane; roadways that have three lanes.   The two biggest violators we see on a daily basis:   1)  vehicles in the left lane proceeding at less than the normal speed of traffic, and,   2) two vehicles impeding traffic by driving side by side at the same time in adjacent lanes, and there is no third left lane to pass in.  Please, have some consideration for your fellow drivers, get off your phone, wake up, quit putting on your makeup, quit reading your books;  quit assuming that since you have to make a left turn several miles up the road  you must stay in the left lane all the way to your turn!! Move over!
        Another Georgia statute, O.C.G.A. 40-6-42,  concerns passing in general, and states in part: “…. the driver of an overtaken vehicle shall give way to the right in favor of the overtaken vehicle and shall not increase the speed of his vehicle until completely passed by the overtaking vehicle.”   I bet a large majority of you would raise your hands if you ever experienced the driver you were attempting to pass speed up so you could not pass.  How many of you would raise your hands is asked if you yourself were guilty of this very violation?    What is wrong with you people?  You go slow in the right lane until someone starts to pass you–what, you think it’s a race??           It’s a public roadway, and lives are at stake–learn to drive or get off the road.
        The Official Code of Georgia (Georgia’s state laws) is public and freely available for review on the State of Georgia’s government web site, just “Google” to learn more.  Go expand your mind at your local library, or,  on your e-reader.  Stay informed.  Drive Safely.   Be considerate.

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On or about November 1, 2011,  a couple in Snellville, Gwinnett County,  Georgia,  were observed by their neighbors running naked through the street.  It was reported that they admitted to authorities that they had ingested LSD.  It  was also reported that the couple initially told the police that they also gave LSD to their dachshund, Oscar.  While this couple was running through the street, Oscar somehow escaped from the house, (door left open?), ran into the street, and was hit by a car.  Oscar had to be put down due to his injuries.   The couple has now made an appearance, with their attorney,  on the local TV nightly news, and they admitted to taking the LSD, but denied giving any to their dog, and denied even stating to the police that they had given LSD to Oscar.   Thankfully, the authoorities are conducting an autopsy on Oscar, to determine if he had been given LSD.  If LSD is found, this couple could (and should) face animal cruelty charges.  LSD didn’t kill Oscar, nor did the car that hit him–these two people killed Oscar. 

R.I.P. Oscar, you deserved better owners.

Take care, ya’ll,

Tuck the Law Dog




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Rabies Alert : Georgia: Gwinnett and Cherokee Counties

Rabies Alert : Georgia: Gwinnett and Cherokee Counties.

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