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May all my furiends and their families have a very Merry Christmas and joyous holiday season. To all the hoomans, thank you for adopting and rescuing all the dogs and cats from the Animal Shelters. It is heart-warming to know that they now feel safe and warm, with a tummy full of food and a warm bed sleep in.

Adopt Don’t Shop!

God Bless Everyone. ❤️🎄🎅😍


Tuck the Law Dog




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Tuck the Law Dog on Twitter

Hi Dear Friends.  I am now on Twitter as well, and would love to see y’all there @TuckTheLawDog.   I am also on Facebook.

I Tweet and Post and share information on lost dogs or cats; Anipals in need of rescuing and adoption;  Dog and cat rescue organizations; pet food recalls;  FDA updates on animal feed and medication; news on legal issues and new law and changes to law pertaining to animal abuse.

I pray everyone is well, and thank you for being my friend.






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Animal Cruelty bill in legislature – Tucson News Now

Animal cruelty bill in legislature – Tucson News Now.

Another state considering tougher animal cruelty laws! Contact your representatives, people of Arizona, and voice your support!



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GET ME THAT FILE ON THE “Human bites Dog” case!

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December 4, 2012 · 12:43 am


Tuck the Law Dog is and will continue to be a champion of animal rights and animal safety.  Today, however, I want my readers to be aware of a vicious dog attack that occured recently in Forsyth County, Georgia, for which I will provide a link.  Two Pit Bulls (they just happen to be the breed of dog I am referring to in this incident, and in no way am blaming the Pit Bull breed in intself, ’cause I know some very sweet tempered lovable Pit Bulls)  apparently broke out of the basement where their owner kept them  (that in itself appears cruel) went into the pasture next door, and viciously attacked a horse.  The pictures of this poor horse are so sad and pitiful–it’s face and legs chewed to shreds.  The horse had to be put down.
Just as human criminals that are sentenced to death for their egrigious, vicious and sadistic crimes, regretably, so should these two dogs be put down for what they did to that horse.  I say regretably, because a large part of the blame for what these dogs did ultimately is the result of their treatment and the living conditions inflicted upon them by their owner(s).   I do not buy the excuse  some criminal use to mitigate their crimes by claiming that their behavior is a result of abuse by their parents–most humans can make logical decisions,  and know right from wrong, and choose to commit crimes.  These dogs, could not reason like a human, and due to abuse by their owner,  will likely harm another creature if allowed again to be free.  It is very sad.  I can’t get the pictures of that poor horse out of my head, nor the thought that two dogs should be put down due to an uncaring owner.  May that lovely horse rest in peace. 
This story can be found at: 

Pit Bulls Kill Horse  http://www.forsythnews.com/section/6/article/10478/

Take Care,

Tuck the Law Dog


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Another Animal Cruelty Case Norwalk OH, Huron Co.

Excerpts from Article from the “Norwalk Reflector”:Dog beaten to death; 2 teens charged

1. Cary Ashby , 10:48 PM, Aug 29, 2011

Kane M. Ortman, 19, of 3702 DeRussey Road, Collins, and Aaron M. Friel, 18, of South Amherst, are charged with animal cruelty in connection with an incident between Aug. 16 and 17. “Rocky was the name of the dog. … Rocky was about 2 years old,” Norwalk Assistant Law Director T. Douglas Clifford said. “I believe he was full grown.” Clifford filed the first-degree misdemeanors against each suspect Thursday in Norwalk Municipal Court on behalf of the Huron County Dog Warden’s Office, which is handling the investigation. An area woman left Rocky temporarily with Ortman because she had to move, Clifford said. “Kane was going to keep the dog for a little while and someone was going to take ownership of it (later),” he explained. Clifford said the investigation indicates that Ortman had Rocky anywhere from one day to one week before he and Friel reportedly beat the dog to death with a shovel. When asked about a motive for killing the dog, Clifford said the investigation indicates one of the suspects said one of them was abusing Mucus Relief PM. “The story is they were abusing substances. The original allegations were cocaine, but a person in the know said it was cough syrup,” Clifford said. Clifford was asked about Friel’s involvement. “He was at Kane’s residence when it happened,” the prosecutor said. The dog originally was buried on Ortman’s property. The animal cruelty charge isn’t Ortman’s first brush with the law. He faced two counts of possession of drugs stemming from a July 10, 2010 incident investigated by the Wakeman Police Department. Municipal court records further show there were two similar charges filed in connection with an Oct. 6, 2010 offense also handled by Wakeman police. In May, Ortman was sentenced to two years of probation and ordered to perform 20 hours of community service for a theft conviction for a May 8 incident at Walmart. The animal cruelty charge is the only criminal charge listed for Friel in Norwalk Municipal Court. Ortman and Friel each face up to six months in the Huron County Jail and a maximum fine of $1,000.

***Tuck’s NOTE: The court website and other news stories indicate Friel turned himself in and has a court date in September. *** Neither has yet been convicted of any crime for the killing of Rocky.

Voice your opinion to the Prosecutor that brought the charges: asstlawdir@accnorwalk.com

Rocky, may you be over the Rainbow Bridge and be happy, safe and free from cruel people!

Tuck the Law Dog

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Hump Day–It’s not Just for Dogs!

Hump Day–It’s not Just for Dogs!.

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Dog Bites and the Law

“Dog Bites” and the Law
Mom says she doesn’t worry about me biting anyone that comes to the office–’cause all I want to do is give everyone non-stop kisses! I just love to greet Mom & Dad’s clients. But even so, Mom has a gate on her office door and keeps me in there when a client comes that hasn’t met me before. Dad also doesn’t allow me in his office when he is meeting with a client, ’cause I just want to sit in their lap and be scratched! Sometimes the client asks if I can come in and sit with them–they are so nice to me. But on the serious side, pet parents should excercise great caution when introducing a dog to someone new. Don’t let a dog run up to a stranger. Don’t let us dogs run loose with no supervision. Don’t let children approach a dog without asking permission of the handler. If there is any concern at all in how a dog and a person will react to each other, keep the parties apart, and allow each to take his time in getting to know the other. Dogs can react to a frightening situation by biting, and dog bites can have serious legal and financial ramifications.
“Dog Bite” laws vary by state and not only include bites but attacks and maulings as well. Some state laws take into consideration the dog’s propensity to be dangerous; whether the petparent knew the dog was dangerous; whether the petparent was negligent; whether there was provocation to make the dog bite, for example, taunting the dog or poking the dog with an object; whether the person bit was on private or public property; some states laws take into consideration whether the peron bit was aware of a “Dangerous Dog” sign; whether the state has a “leash law;” trespass issues by the person bitten; etc. In my opinion, the best remedy is to proceed with caution when your dog is meeting someone new or when bringing your dog into an environment likely to agitate the dog. Don’t leave a dog tied up so that it feels its only defense when approached by a stranger is to bite or attack. If you are gong to keep my dog buddies tied up all the time–you really should consider finding the dog another family that will make it an important and respected part of the family and not treat it like a piece of property and not a family member–which will be my topic another day. Parents, keep a firm grip on your dog, your children, and the situation.

Take care, ya’ll,

Tuck the Law Dog

***”Tuck offers this above article for informational purposes only. Anyone bitten by a dog or who has a dog that has bitten someone, could benefit from the advice of legal counsel pertaining to the laws and codes of the jurisdiction where the incident occurred, if necessary.”

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Tornados hit the south last evening.  The area where I live was spared.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all the people, dogs and cats that lost their homes and have been separated from families.  Please help any dogs you see wandering and appear lost.

Take care, ya’ll,

Tuck the Law Dog


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Birth Certificates–even Dogs have them….

Even dogs have birth certificates, or “papers.”  So what’s the big deal?  I jut finished watching Donald Trump’s interview in New Hampshire, and the response from President Obama.   Obama said he wanted to put this controversy about his birth certificate to rest–if that is so, why not produce the birth certificate two years ago and put an end to the speculation?  Why didn’t Obama release his birth certificate way back then?–because he wanted to keep the controversy going, wanted to keep any type of discussion about him in the media-period.  Is the birth certificate real–I don’t know.  Thank you, Donald, and thank God we still have some freedom of  speech in America.

Take care ya’ll,


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