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To a Happy and Healthy New Year: Dog, Cat, Anipal! 2014

I pray all my Anipals will have a healthy new year. Please, please, please read all pet food and treat labels. Check the ingredients. If you are unfamiliar with an ingredient-research. There is so much information out there-at your fingertips and paws! Educate yourself on the recalls and pet foods and treats that have been reported to have adverse effects.
Stay up to date on pet medications, flea products, and even how a pet toy is made. Be informed a to WHERE products are manufactured and also where the ingredient or materials come from.
Don’t be afraid to contact a manufacturer and ASK questions.

Stay healthy and happy.


Tuck the Law Dog

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Texas Supreme Court to Rule on Dog’s Sentimental Value – ABC News

Texas Supreme Court to Rule on Dog’s Sentimental Value – ABC News.

I just read this ABC news story about a couple in Texas.  Their dog was euthenized in error by a dog shelter.  The Texas Supreme Court is now considering the issue of “sentimental value” and if it applies to a pet.  This is an interesting case to follow.

Take care, y’all.

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