Mosquitos, Dogs & Heartworm

Well, mosquito season is here. It always worries Mom. She knows the dangers of Heart Worms in dogs first hand. A long time ago, in a far, far away state, her dog Deigo got heartworms. This was way before medications were popular to prevent heart worm in dogs, and actually in a state way up north where heartworm was rarely observed. Mom can remember that Deigo appeared to be short of breath so she brought her to the vet who did a test for heartworm–positive. Mom recalls that the vet gave Deigo medication and that when Deigo went to the bathroom, his poop was a “lovely shade of purple” for several days. Deigo survived the heartworm episode. The vet saved some of the heartworm and put them in a jar of formeldahyde–Mom didn’t want to keep it, but the Vet did so he could show other per parents just how intrusive heartworms can be. Mom gives me a heartworm preventative and continues to smack and swat every mosquito that comes near me. She bought a bottle of insecticide yard fogger last Sunday that says its supposed to kill mosquitos, nats, aphids, flies. But after reading throroughly the label warnings, she may take it back. She bought “Cutter Backyard Bug Control” which you hook up the bottle to the water hose and then spray your bushes and yard. She hasn’t tried it and doesn’t doubt that it could work–she is just scared that the residue would come in contact with me and make me sick. It does state to let the area sprayed dry for at least 24 hours before exposure to children and pets. Her other concern is that it states not to let this product come into contact with frogs, turtles, fish is it can kill them. We have lots of frogs living under our bushes and she doesn’t want to harm them, either. So now she is doubting as to whether this stuff should be used at all. She doesn’t put any lawn fertilizer on the yard because of the dangers of my licking my feet and ingesting the stuff. But then, of course, she constantly worries about possible long-term effects to my health as to the heartworm medications I take.
My Mom worries a lot–but she really loves me. Any comments or opinions on this Cutter product would be appreciated.

Take care, ya’ll,

Tuck the Law Dog


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